The Wide Road

14 December 2014

The Wide Road

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Are you World Made, Self Made or God Made? Are you entering the narrow gate which is the God way of life, or are you traveling down a wide road which is the world’s way of life that leads to destruction, whereby almost anything is OK. Here is a break-down of being World Made, Self Made or God Made…..find out where you stand.

If you are “World Made” you tend to credit your accomplishments on education and resources as well as you tend to believe in the power of status and have no problem conforming to the ways of this world in terms of following trends or gimmicks with its premise being power and wealth. World made also means you accept the world’s labels such as you are too fat, too short, too tall, all the things you accept based on the worlds standards.

If you are “Self Made” you tend to confuse small beginning with humble beginnings. When you are self-made no one can tell you anything because YOU have all the answers based on the power you have given yourself. The world revolves around you. You made it to the top on your own terns therefore you believe you have it “ALL” figured out, therefore you alone possess the secret knowledge to success.

If you are “God Made” you have decided at some point that your own ways no longer work and you have finally surrendered to his perfect WILL for your life by finding the courage to say NO to all those things that kept you out of his WILL in the first place. When you are “God Made” you understand that having faith in God is all you will ever need to overcome the most difficult situations in your life. Take a look at a few scriptures I believe explains it all in Matthew 7:13-14


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