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Susan Attended Noah’s Temple, a Christian Church in San Diego California where her father Bishop Stephen Fowler is the residing pastor. Bishop Fowler taught his daughter how to live by faith every day of her life through the powerful weekly church services on faith and healing.

Susan’s mother, Ora Lee Fowler a retired school teacher, describes Susan as a child that always wanted the best for everyone. She went on to say that it has always been Susan’s dream to give back and she is so proud that her daughter still displays that beautiful and golden heart as an adult and continues to love and respect everyone she comes in contact with.

As Susan grew into a young adult, her desire to minister the Word of God to people all over the world grew as well. She worked locally, in her home town to financially support herself while attending San Diego city college and grooming her God given gifts on local television, and privately training her voice.

Susan privately studied with Wayne Saxon, professional classical singer, conductor and guest artist with opera companies and orchestras across the country. Wayne Saxon was instrumental in training Susan’s voice at the young age of 19 years old.

Finally filled with confidence and endless inspiration, Susan headed for the big city, Los Angeles, California. While in Los Angeles, It was not long before her talents were discovered.

Through an acquaintance, she was invited to a studio session with the multi-platinum artist and CEO of Ruthless Records, the late Eric “Eazy-E” Wright. Susan looked forward to becoming the first POP Music artist on Ruthless Records.

Unfortunately Easy-E passing and subsequent change in direction lead to Susan leaving the record company.

Over the years Susan has used her voice to minister to everyone she comes in contact with, whether on the street corner, the local grocery store or at her family church sharing the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.

Currently Susan is more spiritually driven than ever before, as she brings her powerful and anointed “Music Sermons” to churches throughout southern California speaking and singing, as she prepares to bring the Word of God to the world. Her voice is described as an anointed five-octave machine that will bring you to your feet with praise.

Susan maintains a compassionate heart for ministry as she looks forward to sharing her thoughts on Faith, love, hope, forgiveness, patience, and so much more in her new book titled “Faith Walk” Your Personal Journey with Christ, an inspirational life changing book and music CD to be released 2013.

In addition, you can also witness for yourself Susan’s powerful weekly messages on Faith, Hope, Love, Forgiveness, Patience and so much more by visiting her online Faith Walk Radio Ministry. Go to www.faithwalkradio.com.

Tune in weekly to receive your spiritual food that will help you grow stronger in your walk with Christ and hear encouraging stories of Faith that will leave you wanting to hear more.

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